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Knowledge in Health Care in the Pandemic Era


Knowledge in Health Care in the Pandemic Era

Knowledge in Health Care in the Pandemic Era The Core of Healthcare services is Knowledge; therefore, healthcare organizations need to implement Knowledge tools based capacity enhancing solutions in organization to improve efficiency and improve patient care, experiences and outcomes.

Knowledge management in healthcare has issues because of the conflicting interests of patients, service providers, hospital, professionals and payer involved in the whole process. But Knowledge management the most neglected part in health care is the key to providing a safe and cost-effective patient care, resulting ethical and a thriving healthcare industry in the new era of pandemics.

Organizational processes have to be redesigned/designed to generate, retain and share the knowledge generated internally. The knowledge generated can be in the form of manual, guidelines and structured data.

Knowledge management practices to be defined in a healthcare organization

  • Best Practices

    Capturing and Sharing the best practices regularly in a stimulating cooperative environment to improve productivity and cost. Resulting in improved experience and outcomes for patients and other key stake holder like payers.

  • Stories

    Context based Individual Experiences use cases/stories helping memorization of the implicit knowledge and providing practical insights, clarification and Justification of the decisions.

  • Discussion Forums

    Team/Groups created to help in decision making acting as specific source of Knowledge.

  • Collaboration

    Allowing teams to work independently at different locations to improve costs.

  • Peer Review

    The practice should be promoted, supported and encouraged to ensure safer diagnosis and treatment.

To enable all the above practices a knowledge map, databases and a portal need to be implemented for desktop and mobile devices. Set of metrics should be defined to benchmark the benefits accrued due to these practices over time.

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