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Case Study Wuhan Social


Wuhan Social App

Wuhan social application is a social network application particularly intended to give individuals a chance to associate and associate on one stage . wuhan social application give all highlights of social application like chat,events post and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Key Requirements:

  • People need a platform to reach out to each other easily
  • People organising any event needs to inform as many people as they can with app
  • People can comment if they are coming to event or not
  • Social app which also have job search and add feature to spread it to maximum users
  • Social app which can be use for social and official purpose


  • Wuhan social app is made to socialize easily and reach out to people around you

  • With wuhan app, people organising an event can post about it like its photo,details of event,date etc
  • People can react they will go or not go on particular event
  • People can also comment on events
  • Wuhan social app also fullfill job searching feature like job posting,job searching uploading resume etc
  • Wuhan social app has two login accounts one is for normal user and other for business user which may be a company etc. Both can login with same app


  • kii server,php mysql,web services

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