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Case Study Task blazer


Task Blazer App

It is a versatile application that permits you, the social insurance supplier, to deal with your training remotely, monitor your worker and staffs execution, defining objectives for every representative and enabling you to check the advance of your training and worker/staff exhibitions appropriate from your cell phone or PC. It hardens and rearranges the practices strategies hence making it basic for existing staff and workers, new representatives and temps to recognize what is expected of them every last day.

Key Requirements:

  • Run your practice your way with performance designed software.
  • Build profitable practices without breaking a sweat. Pre-built systems for more free-time
  • Track the performance of individual team members as well as their contribution to the success of your practice.


  • Intelligently Manage your Team
  • Boost Productivity
  • Extinguish Stress


  • Xcode 7.2, Objective C, Php, MySQL

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