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Pager Android App

Pager Android App is helpful application which is utilized by Business Firms and Consumers for Communicate with each other. In this application, Any Businessman can enroll himself with this application and Save his Business Details by picking Business classifications. A customer can enroll himself with this application and he can look for specific buyer benefit profiles like for e.g. Magnificence and spa, Home administrations, Car and Bike administrations and so forth and he can talk with Authorized individual identified with that administration and can visit with him about cash to be charged for specific administrations. A man can likewise share audits identified with administrations with Social nourish Tab where He can post surveys about any administrations.

Key Requirements:

  • Verified Authorized Users
  • History, Rating and Availability
  • Pre-configured or Customized Business packages


  • Different consumers and Businessman Login
  • Businessman to provide Picture, License and address details during Registration.
  • Businessman can setup the different packages he/she offers to the customer
  • Consumer on login can see the highest rated Businessman on top
  • Businessman can choose from the packages offered by customer or make a counter offer, which consumer can accept/negotiate.
  • Consumers can pay through PayPal online


  • Android Studio 2.1.1, Parse.back4app Database

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