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Case Study Funky Seeds


Funky Seeds Game

Loco seeds is a confound amusement. An extensive number of grains and oats tumbling down on the board won't have any corn to keep away from disarray. Loco seed is a totally allowed to play current and extremely straightforward diversion which will give you a chance to test your vision, reflex, memory and thinking while at the same time taking a break in unwinding. The amusement has in excess of 100 all around outlined beautiful seeds.

It is a race against time to crush the Seeds. User must match at least 3 similar seeds on vertical or horizontal column. When target is reached the user is going to the next level.

Working of Game:

  • Everyone can play this game for free
  • Collect same type of grains is collected in the same line.
  • Match three or more items which have the same colour.
  • There are 50 Levels.
  • You have only 3 minutes to collect the number of points needed to move to the next level.
  • Great quality graphics.
  • Funky Seeds there are different types of level,target score etc.
  • Player can reach the next level by moves or by getting to targeted score in due time.
  • This game is easy to understand and play..

Cost of Corns:

  • 1Snail corns = .50 cents
  • 2Snail corns = .90 cents
  • 3Snail corns = .99 cents
  • 4Snail corns = 1.50 $
  • 1giant corn =.99 cents
  • 2giant corn =1.95 $
  • 3giant corn =2.50 $


  • Xcode 7.2, Objective C

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