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Dragon Journey

Dragon Journey:- Tap the screen to take a leap of faith on your way to save the princess.

Collect as many coins in a row as possible to stack up combos and unlock achivements.

In case you can't make it to the next obstacle off one jump, tap the screen once more for your second jump. The feature you fall the higher you rebound up



  • Quest Seeker(When you reach a score of 2500)
  • Brave Squire(Get 50 Combos)
  • Knight of Honour(When you reach a score of 7500)
  • Noble Warrior(Get 100 Combos)
  • Stealth Assassin (When you reach score of 15000)
  • Dragon Hunter(Get 150 Combos)
  • Grand Duke(When you reach a score of 30000)
  • Kingdom Hero(Get 200 Combos)
  • Superior King(When you reach a score of 50000)
  • Mighty Emperor(When you reach a score of 100000)


  • Xcode 7.2, Objective C

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