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Limeet dating app is a very unique dating app which connects your connections with you whenever you are available to chat with them. this app is specifically designed to user friendly idea that here you can request for chat with particular person and if that person is available and interested to chat then he will chat with you otherwise your connection with him will be time out.


Key Requirements:

  • User friendly chat
  • User can select if he want to chat or not with particular person
  • Facabook connectivity with app
  • update his profile like picture etc


  • Limeet app provide user friendly chat to its users with good user interface

  • Limeet app provide Time Out feature in which if user not respond to your chat request within specific time period then chat will be time out automatically
  • Limeet app provide you easy login using your facebook login credentials you can login to limeet app easily
  • user can update his profile
  • Student can search for instructors in a postal code and filter the list down to the choice he/she wants.
  • Student can choose from the packages offered by customer or make a counter offer, which instructor can accept/negotiate.
  • Students can pay through Paypal online


  • Technology used: Facebook integration,Sqlite,php,mysql,web services
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