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A full life-cycle Process Silicon web solutions testing methodology is not an end-of-the-road clean-up activity. It is a full life-cycle process. Testing starts with the business analysis and requirements gathering, and follows through right till the delivery of the product back to the user. Day one initiation of the testing process validates the flow of requirements into development, and by the time the product is ready, the testing activity is better equipped to validate the product against the initially intended requirements. As the level of detail builds up in the development process, Testing generates the same level of test harness, test strategies, test plans, test cases, test suites and test scripts. Silicon web solution A lot of the development in Software Products Companies follows the agile process. Testing in needs to be done through a continuous integration and regression. Since work increments of software are released very often in agile, there is also a need to test often. This is often done by using automated acceptance testing to minimize the amount of manual labor. Doing only manual testing in agile development would likely result in either buggy software or slipping schedules because it would most often not be possible to test the whole software manually before every release. silicon web solutions testing process has been tailored to effectively deliver to the Agile reality.